Any questions not answered here, please ask away! I am here to help!

~Have you ever helped plan out the entire wedding?  Yes more times than I can count. From helping pick out the wedding dresses, to meeting for taste testing.  My goal is to help make your wedding day amazing. So if you need help, call me!

~Should I go tanning or get a spray tan? For the love of God NO! You will look orange in your images! And same for any glitter! Do not use it on anything - it just looks like dirt in photos.

~Do you have insurance;  Yes I do.

~How long have you been a professional wedding photographer?  Professionally since 2008.

~What is your "style"?  I like to think of myself as a combination of Classic, Artistic, and Photojournalist.  No wedding couple is the same and some like one style over another. So a nice blend off all seems to work best for me. However, I do believe the best style is what the wedding couple want the most!

~Have you ever had an unhappy client?  As of July 2015, no I have not. I have not to my knowledge received any negative reviews either.

~Do you offer discounts? I offer an automatic 10% discount to Military, Volunteer - EMS, & Firemen.

~Do you bring backup equipment? Well of course! It would be silly not to!

~Do you offer payment plans?  Sure do. I require a deposit of 1/3 the total cost to reserve your date, the rest is paid however it is easiest for you, as long as the balance is paid in full at least 1 month before the wedding day.

~Do you work 2 jobs in one day? No! I am only one person, and I will be your only main or lead photographer at your event. I want to keep every job close to heart, so will not allow anyone else to photograph your event other than a second photographer that may accompany me.

~How many photographers work for you? It is only myself and a second photographer.

~How long before I see my images? All images are personally edited by me, so it can take a bit of time to do it right. The contract will state 60-90 days, but I am impatient! So most times you have them back in less than a month.