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  Amanda & Chris Mikulaks - It took us forever to send this out because we were having a hard time trying to find the right words to say thank you - honestly there are no words to express our gratitude! We cannot say thanks enough, not only for being our photographer, but for allowing us to grow and amazing friendship. You saved our ass a couple times on our wedding day - from my veil to showing us how to properly cut our wedding cake. Who can say their photographer stepped in to help?!? Probably no one except us and all of your other clients. You go out of your way for anyone, and it shows how great of a person you really are. Everyone, to this day, brags about our photographer! Not the food, venue or the cake - but our photographer!! You mean the world to us, and we sincerely mean that! You're stuck with us forever!!

   Jesse & Vicky - Torri, We were so busy the day of our wedding that we didn't have a chance to properly thank you. You, your dad - Ron and Julian were truly a pleasure to be around on that hectic day. Your intuition and tact were invaluable on such a hectic day. We truly wouldn't have survived without you by our side. Thank you for all of your hard work on making our special day a reality. And above all, thank you for being you!! We're so excited to begin working with you on the next phase!!

    Cassie Ervey & Todd Claypotch Torri was my photographer for my October wedding and she was FABULOUS!!!!!!! Her personality and ability to photograph go hand in hand!!!! We had a lot of fun with her and would recommend her and we will defiantly use her again :) She dressed the part as well with cowboy boots :) Torri and Mike took our photos and I couldn't be any happier. I loved the different ideas Torri came up with. I didn't want the pictures to be too poesy and she respected my wishes and took amazing photos of us and our family. She even helped move the reception along. She was AWESOME!!!

  Maryann Papanestor Apr 03, 2014 Having Torri was just amazing! she was always happy, available and approachable. More than that, she was like another family member. I've been married forty years and been to many...many weddings. No photographer even comes close to her level of engagement and personability. she made a fabulous occasion even better and more memorable!

  Alison Benowitz Smith Aug 09, 2013 My husband and I can't even begin to explain how amazing Torri and Elisa were on our wedding day, August 4, 2013. We feel like they're part of our family!! We had so much fun spending the wedding day with them! They made it fun and relaxing. I was never anxious because I knew they would be there to help in any way they could! They blended so well with our other vendors and our family and friends loved them! Torri was so communicative through out the process of planning the wedding, which made the day seamless! Thank you Torri and Elisa for everything! We miss you already!!

  My name is Ciera Mangone, and Torri Ostrander-Koppenaal was my wedding photographer this past July. My husband Eric and I could not possibly express how amazing she was throughout our entire journey! From the engagement pictures to the reception, Torri was absolutely on top of everything, and it was nice to have a vendor that I knew I did not have to worry about at all! In the months before the wedding, Torri really took the time to get to know us and figure out what we wanted our wedding to be, and she was open to every suggestion we made while offering some great advice about things I never even thought about along the way. A few nights before our wedding, she called me and walked me through every moment of the following day. She went over a timeline for pictures including when different members of the wedding party should be there, she double checked all of the other details such as when other vendors would be there and how she would work with them, and literally walked me through every moment. Additionally, she was the ONLY vendor who took the time to talk to me about how I was feeling! She asked if I was having fun staying with my nephews (the ring bearers), and how our pet was doing while his mom and dad were away getting married. After having to deal with so many last minute issues with almost every other one of my vendors, Torri really got me to relax and remember how fun the day was actually going to be! Pictures on that day went flawlessly! Torri captured every second, and really knew how to coordinate with us during the reception so we could go out and grab some sunset pictures without missing any of the fun. She stayed later than she was required to because she knew we had something special planned for our last dance and at the end of the day had taken THOUSANDS of pictures! We had more amazing wedding photos to choose from than anyone else we know! We could not be more thankful for everything Torri did for us, and she'll always remain a good friend of ours. I can promise you that with her as your photographer, your wedding will even more special! Best wishes for your wedding! Ciera and Eric Mangone

   My name is Lisa and first and formost I heard you are engaged! I would like to say congratulations! It truly is an amazing feeling and it can also be a little overwhelming when the planning begins. When I got engaged the first thing I did after taking it all in for a few weeks was I went to a bridal show in morristown. I was smiling ear to ear and my fiancé was right by my side the entire time. We walked in to this bridal show with an open mind and really just getting ideas of what was out there. My fiancé and I had no intention of booking anyone since it was so early in the whole planning process. We looked around talked to a bunch of vendors and skipped right over a photographers booth because we talked to the photographer next to them. The bridal show was winding down with about an hour or so left when we noticed this booth. We walked over and we spoke to Torri. When speaking to Torri it never seemed like she was forcing us into booking her, she explained her style of photography and was up for anything. She was very down to earth which is something we loved about her. We spoke to Torri for 40 minutes after speaking to her we walked away. We walked about 15 steps turned to each and was like I want her. We booked Torri that night. Our wedding was over a year away and we didn’t care we wanted her.  When we booked we also got an engagement photo session. Let me tell you I admire her for willing to go with us to Waterloo Village in the COLD SNOWY weather. It was freezing that day but we all were smiling laughing and having so much fun! It was an amazing experience that is unforgettable especially the amazing photo’s that she captured that day.  When it got closer to the wedding I was starting to freak out because I didn’t know who was getting ready, where, what time we all had to start getting ready and where the photographers were going to be. I was a mess!! I was texting Torri freaking out and she reassured me that everything was going to fall into place. I met up with her gave her the timeline and she made it happen. She laid everything out for me and explained everything.  My ceremony was EARLY in the morning. It was at 11:30 so needless to say I was a hot mess the night before. I got about 2 hours of sleep before I had to be out the door to go to the hair salon. We made sure my dress, all the jewelry, shoes, EVERYTHING was at the venue so Torri can start taking photos. When it was time to go to the venue Torri had everything set and ready for our arrival. It was such an amazing day and Torri was awesome!  Your wedding is going to be magical. Its great to know your day is going to be captured with amazing photo’s because you have an amazing photographer who is great at what she does.  When we got the photos I was speechless. They were more beautiful than I had ever thought they could be.  My husband and I have now been married just over a year and the talk of children has come up. We are hoping to be pregnant in 2016 and with out a doubt Torri will be the  one to take our maternity photos, family photos any photos we could possibly think of Torri will be right by our side.  its great knowing that I have an amazing photographer but better yet its great to know I have a friend. I wish you nothing but happiness in this amazing adventure you are about to embark on.  Sincerely,  Lisa Gilson 

  I heard that you wanted a reference for Torri and I immediately volunteered :). My husband and I got married on August 4, 2013. Torri was the main photographer and I honestly could not have asked for any better. Not only were her pictures amazing (I still use them for different presents and just to put up around the house), but Torri as a person is amazing. I have a big family, so getting them all at the right place and at the right time was a task in itself. Torri made it stress free for me and was able to get everyone when and where they needed to go quickly for the pictures. She was always conscious of time management and took care of the worrying for me. Torri is energetic, friendly, and caring and that was everything I needed on the days leading up to the wedding and of course on my wedding day. My family and friends immediately liked her and it felt like she was part of the family! She also did my engagement photos, which came out awesome as well. She was even willing to come to the college we graduated from for the pictures, which was a bit of a hike for her. We continue to keep in touch with Torri and she's doing our pregnancy photos in a few weeks!! I honestly can't say enough about Torri. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!! Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks, Alison Alison and Matthew Smith

  I am writing you on behalf of Torri Ostrander-Koppenaal for Black Raven Imagery. My husband and myself have worked with Torri for our wedding in October of 2014 when she was employed with D Becker Photography.    We had a very pleasant experience working with Torri. She is extremely professional, organized and on point. Our wedding day ran so smoothly, and at times completely forgot the photographer was even there. She asks you what you want and delivers. We were able to get all of the pictures we wanted without feeling like we missed the experience of our day.     My favorite thing about Torri is her personality.She immediately makes you feel comfortable and lets you know your day is all about you. Group pictures are easy and painless because she isn't afraid to speak up and get everyone where they need to be. Trust me,you want someone who gets things done because when it comes down to it, you want to enjoy your wedding day, not spend hours taking pictures with a timid photographer.   Please take my email into consideration, you will not be disappointed. Any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.  Britnie Drobness(formerly Ernst)

  Nicole said... She was absolutely amazing. She was able to provide wonderful pictures to make my day very memoriable. She also followed us rock climbing and was awesome.

  K said... Torri is an amazing photographer with great creativity. The combination of our requests and her artistic style made for wedding photos that we will cherish forever. Her and her team were professional and always had the best interest of the bride and groom in mind. Even though we decided to take some pictures before the wedding ceremony, Torri was able to make it special and captured the moments when we first saw each other on our wedding day. She is thoughtful and kind, coupled with enthusiasm and energy that the whole wedding party and our guests enjoyed! We are still incredibly happy with the pictures that Torri and her team took to capture our special day. Thanks again Torri!

   Christina said... Torri did our engagement photos and our wedding in March. The photos for both were everything I could've hoped for and we couldn't be more satisfied! Not to mention that we ended up having a snowstorm o the first day of spring and Torri did whatever she could to make sure we got the pictures we wanted. She was so much more than a photographer too, she was there for every question and last minute advice I could have needed. Looking forward to having her do our newborn photo shoot in a few months! Highly recommend her!!!

  Bonnie said... Black Raven Imagery photographed my son's wedding. It was a real country wedding set in a back field on our property. The photos were amazing and Torri was such fun during the various shoots. She was a trooper. We are more than satisfied with these precious memories and documentation of the day. Black Raven will make a great day even better for you and your family.

  Amanda said... Torri worked very diligently not only with me and my husband but also with our entire family to make sure everything went smoothly and that we not only go the shots we wanted of us but also of our families and friends, she went above and beyond to just simply make sure I had everything that I wanted at the end of my day before she was closing out and took the time to take more pictures. Not only did she give us a great product at the end of the day, but she also kept me level headed and calm, as us brides know things can get off track or chaos can occur with timing or family members. Torri made sure that I stayed calm and had the best day of my life! She thought of details that I feel would have gotten overlooked by other people and made sure we were getting the best picture each time. Torri even made sure that I was looking pretty at all times by being thoughtful enough that when I was getting more sweaty towards the end of the night to bring over a cold wet napkin to stay cool! She truly went above and beyond and gave us the best photographs that Josh and I will forever have in our keep sake! Thank you Torri~  Josh and Amanda

  Kelly said... Torri was a great photographer for our wedding! Anything we wanted we got.. The pictures turned out amazing and we are so happy she was our photographer for our special day! Amanda said... Torri is amazing. She made my husband and I feel so comfortable, included the entire family the day of, and really did it all. She put the boutonnieres on the men when we couldn't figure it out, she gave me a reassuring hug when I was getting stressed out, and she made sure to explain everything throughout the whole process so we knew what to expect and what was going on. I could not recommend her enough!

  Letha said... Torri is the most amazing photographer! She goes above and beyond yo make her clients feel like family and provides the most caring touch to each couple and their families! We absolutely love Torri and have become the closest of friends with her! Her work is above any large company but she gives you the personal care you expect and deserve on your special day!

  Private User said... Absolutely amazing. Torri was fantastic, she was always professional and always made everything super fun. We had her do our engagement shoot and it was such an amazing experience. We can't wait for her to capture amazing images at our wedding. You won’t regret hiring Torri.

  Dana said... Tori recently photographed our engagement photos, and they were great! She is so much fun and really makes you feel comfortable. We brought our dog too, and she really went out of her way to make it work with our pup in the pictures. She's so friendly and outgoing, she's so much fun to work with!

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