What NOT to wear

~Anything with glitter or sparkles on it.

~Busy prints like paisley, or flowers. No horizontal stripes.

~Colors such as Orange, yellow, sage/light green, rose, mauve, anything with the word hot in front of it. The exception to this is if you have a darker skin tone and are not glow in the dark white like me.

~Clothing with logos or names on them.

~Stiletto heels. Unless you know you will be 100% ok in them walking of grass and gravel.

Great things to wear

~Colors that coordinate and complement each other, but are not all matchy-matchy.

~Colors that will do the above with the decor in your home. You will hopefully put one of your images in a place of importance where you live, it should complement the room.

~Comfortable clothing and shoes!!! You will be walking on uneven ground, and sitting on dirty wood.

Things to bring

~Any props you want - but remember you brought it you carry it. I already have a 20 lb. camera bag on my back, so I am not carrying your stuff too.

~Change of cloths. However, I cannot promise a place to change, and again you have to carry them.

~Your pet (if leash trained only!). If you decide to bring a pet, please let me know in advance so I can bring a child to help wrangle it, unless you have someone coming to help.

Leave it in your car

~Your purse, wallet, phone, ipad, etc... you only need your keys to get back into your car! And even then I will be putting them in my bag so they are not in your pockets!