Average time for images to be taken

*60 minutes - Bride Prep. This is details of dress, shoes, flowers, jewelry, invitation, bride getting dressed, her portraits, with bridesmaids, with her side of family - parents, siblings, grandparents. This does not include hair and makeup getting done. Bridesmaids and parents should be dressed and ready to go when photographer gets to you.

*30 minutes - Groom Prep. This includes details of grooms clothes - tie, cuff links, shoes, etc. Groom getting dressed, grooms portraits, with groomsmen, grooms side of family - parents, siblings, grandparents.

*30 minutes - Bridal Party Photos

*30 - 60 minutes - Bride & Groom Photos

*30 minutes - Family Photos. This is combined family. Bride and Groom with each new family. This time is added to for extended family - this includes Aunts, Uncles, Cousins.

*15 minutes - Reception Decor Photos

*10 minutes - Ceremony Decor Photos

~Please note, none of these times allot for driving. That time must be added into the finalized time line of the day. 

If you need help creating a "master" timeline, let me know.